You set a fire within my soul.

Wild and unquenchable, it bears unthinkable consequences to my body as it is overcome with such emotion. The embers and coal shake within my intestines and brings a heat to my body as I break out in a cold sweat. 
The flames burn my throat as words spew passionate literacy. My tongue becomes untamed as the fire whispers your name into my heart. 

My mind is overcome with sparks and all rationality is lost to the beauty and wonder that dwells between the spaces of these fleeting stars. These little fireballs take over every neuron and they flash around with the speed and intensity of light, communicating unspeakable thoughts to one another.

My hands tremble to the beat of the fire’s core, as it pops eerily from some distant place within me. It begs me to reach out and touch your skin and quench this burning desire inside.

Ecstacy takes over, every second that my soul wears your sigil. Your mark is being engraved into my very being, marking it’s name and making me insufferably yours. 

Insufferably yours.

If I could just run my fingers through your mind and touch ever strand of thought, drag them out, weave them, then I will know peace. 

But I know my conscious is lying. The smoke has blinded me and my eyes water. They tear up and I can barely see your face. Your magnificently pulchritudinous face. 

And I know that I should not. I should take care. Because coming into contact with your quintessence will only spark a bigger blaze. Two fires just make a bigger fire, as the saying goes.

And maybe it’s exactly what I want. A merging of our bodies as our souls become one and burn into an eternal flame. A fire that would set the very stars on ablaze. A fire that gives life to the barren planets. One that feeds off of all the oxygen from every entity within its reach.

A fire that takes everything, wether wild or tamed, and transforms them into a beautiful hell.


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