Vulnerability and Beauty: How they co-exist

You want to know what I find beautiful in a human being? Well, there are a lot of things to be quite honest with you, but I won’t bother you with the details. I find beauty in even the dirtiest nook and cranny of any soul. And there seem to be a lot of those in this world. To try and describe everything would be to mature the knowledge of my heart, to strangers behind a keyboard.

Beauty, as we all know, is a rather strange philosophical concept, subjective to some, objective to another. We all have some ideal that comes to mind. Matters of the heart, or matters of intellect. Even some matters of the soul, spirit and being in general.

Yet, I find myself lost within things that are broken, old or forgotten. I can spend hours walking through the debilitated chambers and dusty rooms. To find deep rooted secrets within the caverns of someone’s heart. Almost as an archaeologist of the soul. 

It’s difficult to explain exactly what I mean, as goes the age old tale of poetry and literature in general. Maybe it has something to do with darkness coming to light. 

We humans do seem fascinated by it, don’t we?

Fascinated by the idea of being broken. I value it. It’s not something I would just like to admire, but I want to handle it as well. I find myself in the brittle, and it brings melancholic emotion, soothing melancholic emotion, to my heart. The beauty seems to be deeply founded within the core of empathy. Rooted like a withering tree.

And the light that is cast upon this darkness offers something of a safe haven for any relation between two human beings. A bond bound by mutual consent of knowledge. Weighted knowledge. 

In short, I love a person that says: “Come in and see my darkness. Sorry for all the dust and filth, but I haven’t allowed another soul in here since the last time they vandalised my heart.” 

Yes. That is the true beauty! To be welcomed into the vulnerability of another’s life.


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