Hi, so this is me. And also how I got here.

Hi, so this is me. And this is how I got here.

Since I could remember I loved writing poems, songs and extremely disruptive story. It was a way I could express my thoughts, ideas and emotions with others and I’ve always kept a keen eye on writers all across the world, low-key individuals who share the same aspirations and passions as I do.

Eventually my fires overcame me and I started posting my writings on Facebook. It’s been going on since high school, ages ago when I was still a wee lad. And today would be the faithful day in which a person, close and dear to my heart, would send me off to share my stuff with you guys. 

So in short, I write descriptive pieces on issues of the heart, asking questions or making statements over a broad area of topics. I decided to post all of my work I can find on my blog tomorrow so that you, the audience, may experience what my stuff is all about. 

I truly hope that this can be an enriching experience for all of us. I am curious to see other’s writings and I will be delving in very soon. 
Until we see each other next time.


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